Karesuando, Swedish Lapland

Dear Obama,

I saw that you did a booking at ICEHOTEL earlier this month and as a ambassador for this wonderful area I wanted to give you some advice on what you can do while visiting us now when you have some spare time. I really think that this will suit your priorities for this year!

For your 25th anniversary with Michelle I would recommend a stay in one of the amazing deluxe suites at ICEHOTEL 365, run by solar power. But that's probably what you already booked? There you have the oppertunity to stay in a cold room and during day time explore Swedish Lapland and our beautiful nature. I mean come on, who doesn't want to take a swim in the Torne river with the midnight sun in company?! And Malia and Sasha maybe want to give ice-sculpting a try?

Another advice is t0 visit Abisko, and do some hiking and walking at Kungsleden. Maybe you should give Fjällräven Classic a go? And of course you have to visit the best music festival there is - Dansklacken på Dosan in Karesuando!

And according to your plans of writing, we have PLENTY of good places you can explore and experience. Both with action, stunning views and peace of quiet. The Troll lake for example, Silver fall or Swedens highest mountain Kebnekaise? Or one of my favorites, Katterjokk.

Bonus: In the mountains you can swear as much as you want.

Hope you got some inspiration from this, let me know if I can help you more. There is so much to explore!

Very welcome!
/Emma @norrlandspepp

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